DC Module TT22022-120Lxxxxx

DC Module TT22022-120Lxxxxx

A high-performing 120LED color tunable breakaway module is designed to be used as either 44 or 22 inches. TT22022-120Lxxx uses high-quality Seoul Semiconductor LEDs with an FR4 circuit board for good reliability and thermal transfer.

This standard Zhaga-compliant module is a great solution for ambient fixtures such as troffer, strips, and light industrial lighting applications. The design is a good match for low-cost fixed or programmable LED drivers. This module has shown great results when paired with a 2-channel driver for color tuning capabilities.

  • High Efficacy (≥ 196LPW)
  • Long Life (7-year warranty)
  • 3 SDCM
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Available in most kelvin temperatures (CCT), and colors
  • MADE in USA or Vietnam
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