Istar LED Driver ISCP-190W-2x275DDSMV Programmable

Istar LED Driver ISCP-190W-2x275DDSMV Programmable

A 2-channel class 2 linear constant current LED driver with input voltage range 120-277VAC, 0-10 down to 1% Dim-to-off with a wide range output voltage and a current range of 700-2750mA. This is the ideal driver for industrial, outdoor, and high-temperature applications.

This 5-year warranty driver is fully potted with a Tc of 85°C. The product is produced in either China or Taiwan and is stocked in the Florida.

  • 700-2750mA output programmable
  • High Efficiency: 89% typical @277Vac, full load
  • 6Kv combo protections
  • High power factor: 0.99 typical @ 120Vac, full load
  • Universal 0-10 Dimmer compatible
  • Dimming range 0 to 100%, 12Vdc Aux Power, No flicker design
  • With lighting protection & all-around protections (SCP, OTP protection)
  • Comply with UL8750 Class 2
  • Class P
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